As advisor to FBI and CIA has served as first line of defense in national security and counter-terrorism efforts. All branches of the military, law enforcement, and intelligence communities, must be fully funded and supported. Favors reinforcing defenses against cyberattacks including election tampering. A robust screening process should be established for individuals entering the country without compromising Constitutional rights. Does not support travel ban as it compromises our constitutional foundations of discriminating on the basis of national origin, ethnicity, and religious beliefs.


Healthcare needs to be affordable, and accessible to all Americans. The Affordable Care Act should not be repealed, but rather should be amended with bipartisan coordination and cooperation to rectify program deficiencies or inefficiencies. Both parties need to work together to create a workable solution. Closed door health bills will never succeed, as both Democrats and Republicans will be needed to create legislation that will pass. Supports a “hybrid single-payer” plan that makes health care affordable and accessible to all Americans, but allows for those seeking supplemental coverage to be able to do so in the private sector.


Climate change is real. Scientific evidence for climate change is conclusive. A substantial majority of scientists agree that climate-changing trends are very likely due to human activities. Leading scientific organizations throughout the world, including NASA, support this compelling position. For example, according to NASA’s Global Climate Change research, evidence of increasing global temperatures, rising sea levels, warming oceans, shrinking ice sheets/ declining arctic ice, glacial retreats, ocean acidification, decreased snow cover, and extreme weather events are undeniable. Favors trusting the experts on this issue.


The CA 48th District’s miles of beautiful coastline, acres of ecological preserves including the Upper Newport Harbor Ecological Preserve, the Bolsa Chica State Beach and Ecological Reserve, and the Huntington Central Park (Orange County’s largest City-Owned Park) must be protected and preserved for future generations. The natural beauty of the 48th District attracts residents, businesses, and visitors, so maintaining and preserving the local environment is an economic advantage, in addition to being ecologically sound policy.


Recognizes the need to improve private and public-school systems. Supports low tuition structure for community colleges through state programs. Higher education prices keep rising as more working-class Americans are priced out of achieving a degree. Higher education should be adequately funded and made affordable to all students. Similarly, K-12 education must also be properly funded. Our teachers need more support from elected officials at all levels. K-12 education leadership is lacking under the current administration.


Supports gender equality. Supports a woman’s right to choose. Believes women must be an integral part of passing any new healthcare laws. Backs comprehensive sex education and assisting single mothers. Committed to closing gender gaps. Believes in equal pay for equal work. Believes in some form of paid family leave and establishing family friendly business environments.


America is the land of freedom and opportunity. Supports immigration reform, which makes it easier for promising minds and hardworking individuals who wish to emigrate to the U.S., to do so; however, emigrants must do so legally, and pass a robust security screening. Favors the DREAM Act pathway to citizenship for undocumented workers who have been working and living in CA with clean background records. Does not support breaking up families.


LGBTQ+ rights are human rights. Supports marriage equality, no questions asked. Consenting adults are free to love and marry who they choose. Supports legislation that prevents an individual from being fired because of who they are or who they love. Does not support a transgender ban in the military. Everyone should have an opportunity to serve our country. Commits to fighting transgender military ban through legislation and the Courts.


Fiscally responsible candidate who believes in the entrepreneurial spirit of America. Believes that our budget should be a reflection of our values. The budget should not be balanced on the back of middle class and working-class families. Tax relief for the middle class is a necessity while also insuring that big corporations do not pay less than their fair share. Recognizes that government funded social services are often necessary to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of citizens.


Fiscally responsible. Favors reducing federal income tax and the growth of federal government spending. Middle class and working families need tax relief. Taxes should be spent appropriately to ensure that education, healthcare and infrastructure are adequately funded. Supports tax relief for small business owners. Supports incentives and tax credits for businesses and higher earners to encourage innovation, research & development.


A clean energy future is important for the 48th district. Favors increased research and development of alternative and renewable energy sources through business tax reductions and market incentives. Favors emission controls in the interest of preserving our natural resources, and reducing potentially permanent damage to environment.


Supports 2nd Amendment Right to bear arms, yet recognizes need to significantly improve and enforce extensive background and screening checks. Supports states taking initiatives to ensure that guns are handled in a responsible and safe manner. Favors mandatory child safety locks and a photo ID license with background checks. Open to supporting mandatory gun safety tests as a condition for purchasing a gun (akin to a driver’s license test).


To protect and to serve, the police are on the frontline of fighting crime and must be fully supported by the community and all levels of government. Opposes the militarization of the police force under current administration initiatives. Police departments must be held to constitutional standards. Supports reforms that will bring greater accountability and transparency to police departments nationwide.


Supports legalization of marijuana for adults 21 and over. Like alcohol regulations, individual states should formulate policies/law tailored specifically to creating a safe and regulated marketplace. Supports sentencing reform to ensure that mandatory minimums for possession are overhauled and revamped.

Omar will represent the 48th District without regard to partisan politics.
He will vote on what is right for the
District and our Nation.

United We Rise

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